As many owners of a macbook, the connector of my power adaptor sadly broke a few days ago :(. The cables and plugs seem too thin, and tend to break inside the magsafe connector after many bending. For all non-apple devices, connectors are reinforced to limit the being radius, which rises the life time.

So, let's try to repair it!

After disassembling the connector (using a pliers to pull on the metal part):

Then removing remaining metal threads from the internal board:

Re-soldering cable on the connector board (not easy, as it's very small and soldering is just on surface), with some white electric tape to avoid any short-connections (using hot glue should be better):

Repackaging the connector (my work take more place than original set-up: it was hard to close):


I finally fix it, my laptop came back to life.


#1 juancanik 2018-04-08 01:41
Thank you so very much man!!!